About Us

Fusion Health Service is a premier mental health and substance abuse treatment provider in Colorado.  We offer our patients mental health services, DUI classes, substance abuse treatment, medical detox, primary care, day treatment, IOP, and Sober Living homes.  We believe through the integration of our services and collaboration of clinicians, psychiatrists, registered nurse practitioners, physician assistants, psychologists, clinical social workers, licensed mental health counselors, licensed professional counselors, and addiction counselors we offer our patients the highest quality of care.

Ensuring safe and effective care of our patients, Fusion Health Service strives to be at the forefront of preventing illness and promoting healthy well-being.  Quality outcomes and caring are the cornerstones of the services provided by Fusion Health Service.

Our Mission

The goal of Fusion Health Service is to strive for continued improvement as a leading provider of mental health services and substance abuse treatment in Colorado. This is accomplished with the dedication of each team member to perform beyond expectations within all aspects of patient care. As a company, Fusion Health Service emphasizes teamwork, personal integrity, productivity, and most importantly; a passion and care for the whole family affected by mental health illnesses and addictions. By applying these principles with each patient & family, we hope to achieve successful outcomes with every family we touch. Our facilities are a resource in every community we are located in, we touch the lives of the people that live and work in each of these communities.

Our Philosophy

American Charities, Inc. dba Fusion Health Service is an evolving discipline dedicated to serving the medical and psychological needs of an increasingly complex society. We believe in developing products and services, which seek to integrate the evaluation and treatment of the medical and psychological ailments of the clients and patients that we see.

The direction towards which our philosophy of care evolves is guided by the unprecedented sophistication in scientific advances, which continue to change our understanding of the human brain, mental illness, and biochemical principles. Fusion Health Service believes in the integration of a spectrum of interventions and the interdisciplinary collaboration of clinicians:  psychiatrists, advanced registered nurse practitioners, physician assistants, psychologists, clinical social workers, licensed mental health counselors, licensed professional counselors, addiction counselors, and primary care physicians. The provision of a broad spectrum of services attempts to enhance the development of healthy coping skills, adaptive mechanisms, and behavioral modification aimed towards impacting the psychosocial outcomes of acute and chronic illness, stressful lifestyles, complex societal norms and mores, aging processes, or debility, conflicting demands of one’s social roles, and dysfunctional interactive patterns. Fusion Health Service stresses the concept of wellness and prevention.

Quality outcomes and caring shall be the cornerstones of all services provided by Fusion Health Service. Ensuring safe and effective care of patients, Fusion aims to serve the needs of all its patients, and to remain in the forefront of preventing illness and promoting health and well-being.

“The integration of family in the healing process and the emphasis on life skills were very appealing to us for the long-term goal of our recovery as a family suffering from the ravages of addiction.”
Mother of Sober Living Program Participant, Denver, CO
“We’ve seen the biggest change in the last month. He’s so upbeat and motivated to go forward. How can we thank you for all your program has done? It’s beyond words.”
Ellen and Ray, Englewood, CO
“I send you thanks for providing an environment for my son to reclaim himself. This mother is inspired by your vision and resolve to create an environment to support the entire family nucleus.”
Deb, mom of a Fusion participant, Aurora, CO

Programs You Can Trust

Fusion Health Service is fully licensed by the Office of Behavioral Health in the State of Colorado for substance abuse services. Fusion Health Service provides a full spectrum of mental health services that are regulated by the Department of Regulatory Agencies in Colorado.

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